“Nothing worth having comes easy”
this is our motto.
It represents a real mission, applied on all the fields in which Komponex operates: from the employees, to the qualified partners and the loyalty of its customers.


Our origins Komponex was born in 2000 as a company for assembly e pre-assembly of plastic components.
The core business of the company was focused on B2B, becoming supplier for very important companies of its manufacturing sector.


Injection moulding The company expands its know-how by implementing the range of services offered, reaching a new frontier: injection molding.
A first step for a continuous evolution.


The evolution of Komponex A new corporate structure for the company that becomes a Srl, facing new investments to renew its fleet of injection molding machines, making assembly more technological and automated.
The focus was offering complete services, to become a relevant element of the production chain.


New partnership It is the importance of creating valuable bonds that distinguishes this year for Komponex, which decides to expand the range of services offered by forging important collaborations with reliable partners both technically and technologically.
Therefore, there were born collaboration, that exists since ten years, with the best suppliers in the area, dedicated to complementary services to the products it produces, namely: mold making, screen printing, lasering, pad printing, metalization.


Turning point 2015 was a particularly distinctive year for the company: Andrea Pellegrino, who was in charge of production, decided together with the partners to take personal control of the company that will lead him to become the owner and sole shareholder of Komponex srl in 2020. And this is how a new project, that will have as its objective the technological development and the projection in the future of KOMPONEX, finally begins.


Expansion of the press fleet The evolution and new investments are part of the DNA of this company, which expands its press fleet from 8 to 10 machines in a single year.


We are on the net 2019 marks an important milestone in the life of the company, which has networked all the presses in its factory, thanks to the use of a central server and a MES software developed by Arburg (ALS).
All the production's information are constantly monitored and quantified, both in qualitative and quantitative terms.


ISO 9001:2015 Certification Following the path started in 2017, we obtained the ISOO 9001-2015 certification, a certificate of quality of the production process.


“Leone” priz and new investements In 2020 the company was won a prestigious award, in recognition of the courageous choices in terms of investments in a year that was very challenging for industry, and not only.
In this regard, Komponex has decided not to stop and invest again: two machines have been replaced in order to ensure an increasingly efficient and cutting-edge production.


Komponex is still growing The company opens a new headquarters dedicated to the storage of goods and increases its press fleet: a new milestone that challenges hostile times and looks to the future with extreme optimism and desire to build.

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