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In order to guarantee a precise and high quality service, we have specialized in developing the assembly process within our factories.

This allows us to:

  • prevent any damage that plastics often incur during transport
  • carefully monitor the quality of the product, which is developed entirely in the same company
  • have competitive prices in the market despite the high quality offered

Each assembly is designed and agreed in advance with the customer who will be able to verify and touch the quality of the finished product, to always offer a service that fully meets expectations.


We always listen to our customers' requests and this is why we wanted to improve including the packaging service.

It is made in a customized way, sometimes even during production, to be able to support every request.


Since December 2017, Komponex Srl has been able to offer an additional and innovative service to its customers: Ultrasonic Welding.

The main advantages of this type of processing are:

  • Products immediately available (unlike methods using adhesives or solvents)
  • Homogeneous result throughout the affected surface
  • Applicability to a wide range of plastics

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